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Complete Service Plan.

A full service package offering all round protection. Complete Service Plan covers a range of repair and maintenance work. Please consult inclusions and exclusions list in the brochure for more information. The best choice to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition, is always available for use and that costs are kept under control.


  • A complete service, repair and wear and tear package for all-round protection.
  • Predetermined payments.
  • Reduced administration, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.
  • Roadside Assistance – Repairs, maintenance and towing cost are all covered if the vehicle breaks down due to a part that’s covered under the Complete Service Plan.*

BestBasic Service Plan.

BestBasic includes all scheduled servicing work for your vehicle, as per the Fuso requirements specified in the Fuso Maintenance Manual, along with replacing globes and wiper blades when required. We offer attractive pricing on parts and labour, including a set monthly cost for an agreed term.


  • All scheduled services are carried out by trained Technicians using genuine parts and lubricants.
  • Predetermined payments.
  • Available at any point in the truck’s life.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact your authorised Fuso dealer for a copy of the full terms.


Fuso is now taking the guesswork out of your scheduled servicing. With our participating Fuso dealerships, you can now get capped, upfront, totally transparent pricing for your Fuso Truck or Bus through Capped Price Servicing.*

That's great value for Genuine Parts and Fuso Factory trained technicians.

* Please refer to the Annual Fuso Capped Price Servicing terms and conditions.

Capped Price Servicing Calculator

Follow the prompts below to select your Fuso model and calculate your scheduled servicing cost through any of our authorised Fuso dealers.

Annual Fuso Capped Price Servicing Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the Fuso Capped Price Servicing Program provided by Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific Pty Ltd ABN 86 618 413 282 (“DTAuP”).


Subject to these Terms and Conditions, owners of Eligible Vehicles are entitled to obtain Standard Scheduled Servicing of their Eligible Vehicle during the Program Period from any authorised Fuso Dealership for a price that is equal to or less than the applicable Annual Fuso Capped Price ("Annual Capped Price Servicing").

Servicing conducted under the program must be carried out in accordance with relevant Standard Service Schedule recommendations. If any scheduled maintenance service is missed or delayed, additional costs may apply when the Eligible Vehicle is presented for its next scheduled maintenance service in addition to the capped price for that particular service.

The applicable Annual Capped Price Servicing will cover the standard items in each Scheduled Service as set out in the relevant Warranty & Service Schedule book.

The standard items in each Scheduled Service are:

  • labour;
  • parts;
  • lubricants; and
  • sundries which includes items such as oil and waste recycling and or removal, workshop supplies etc.
  1. Service intervals are determined for trucks used on sealed roads, on highway applications. If used under severe conditions such as dusty, hot, extreme cold, mining (above and below ground), exploration, then service intervals are to be reduced in accordance with these conditions.
  2. Where trucks or buses are used for periods of time stationary with a transmission power take off (PTO) engaged to provide power for specialist bodies and/or applications, then service intervals must be carried out in accordance with operating hours (1 hour = 50km).
  3. Should the truck be seldom or infrequently used, it should be inspected as per the time periods stated in the relevant Warranty & Service Schedule book.
  • Tyre balancing and wheel alignment where required;
  • Repair of accident damage to any body, driveline or chassis components;
  • Additional maintenance due to modification from original specification;
  • Normal wear and tear consumable items and parts requiring additional maintenance (including but not limited to clutch linings, brake discs and pads, brake linings, wiper blades, globes of all types, fuses, trims, brakes, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, all belts, water pumps, tyres, satellite navigation update disks and all other parts of your vehicle that are subject to normal wear and tear);
  • Items or work required as a result of vehicle misuse or abuse or as a result of the Eligible Vehicle not being driven in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines;
  • Additional fluids and additives not specified in the relevant Service Schedule – Warranty & Service Schedule book;
  • Adjustments not specified in the relevant Service Schedule – Warranty & Service Schedule book;
  • Additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your Authorised Fuso Dealer to suit your individual driving characteristics;
  • Service or maintenance of non-genuine Fuso parts;
  • Service, fitment or maintenance of any accessories, including Fuso accessories

These items will be identified as a separate charge to the published Annual Fuso Capped Price Servicing.

6.1 The Customer agrees:

  1. to deliver the Eligible Vehicle to a any authorised Fuso Dealership at each relevant service interval in accordance with the Eligible Vehicle’s Warranty and Service Schedule book;
  2. to make the Eligible Vehicle available at any authorised Fuso Dealership by prior appointment in a reasonably clean condition; and
  3. that all instructions for use of the Eligible Vehicle contained in the Warranty & Service Schedule book shall be carried out accurately and fully.

6.2 Should any additional work be required, above and beyond the inclusions provided under a Capped Price Standard Scheduled Service, the Authorised Fuso Dealership is required to contact the Customer with the details of this and obtain the Customer’s authorisation before any additional work is carried out on the Eligible Vehicle.

The Annual Fuso Capped Price Servicing maximum price will apply from 1st of January each calendar year until the 31st December. A new annual Fuso Capped Price will be published for a program period of one calendar year’s duration for each subsequent calendar year following the current Program Period.

9.1 No refund or deduction is payable to an owner in respect of an Eligible Vehicle which has not been presented to a Participating Authorised Fuso Dealership for an Annual Fuso Capped Price Service during the relevant time or distance travelled of the Eligible Vehicle referred to in Item 6.1(a) of these Terms and Conditions.

9.2 Further, if a Scheduled Annual Fuso Capped Price Service is missed or delayed within the Eligible Vehicle’s applicable time and distance period referred to in Item 6.1(a) of these Terms and Conditions, additional work may be required to be undertaken at the next scheduled Annual Fuso Capped Price Service, and such additional work will be at the Eligible Vehicle owner’s cost.

Current as at 01 January 2024

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